Goruck Bullet Ruck 10L 2018

Hi, my fellow readers. Its me again, and this time round, I have another awesome product to introduce to you guys!

This review will be centred around my current favorite pack, the Goruck Bullet Ruck 10L 3rd generation. Why 3rd gen, you may be wondering? Well, that’s because Goruck has listened to its diehard fans and updated this pack with new features and released it last year 2018.

Lets go through the main features one by one.

First of all, with this new version, Goruck has released lots of new colorways for this backpack, more than I can remember from their history. Current colors can be found here: https://www.goruck.com/bullet-ruck/

Mine is the Wolf grey with Navy blue colorway, now currently sold out. Love this color combination!

At 10L capacity, it may seem abit small, but holds a lot of potential!

It looks fully packed because I’ve been doing some grocery shopping prior to taking these pics!

Inside, you can see how much roughly it can store, in terms of being an EDC pack for daily usage. I still can close up the pack nicely with this load from the stores, along with some essentials that I bring with me like a nalgene bottle, and meds.

As with all Goruck packs, the Bullet comes with two internal zip pockets for you to store whatever miscellaneous items you need.

With the padded bottom, its slightly difficult to open it up flat, but this angle should do for packing!
The top pocket can be used to keep loose items for easy access. A Gerber Shard and flashlight and sunglasses (not shown in picture) are what I carry in this pocket. The sunglasses will take up almost the entire compartment but still allows for the abovementioned loose items to be kept together as well.
The bottom mesh pocket is bigger and allows for more items to be kept there. In my case, I keep my phone charger and cables, a pack of meds, some hand sanitiser. Do note that if you pack it rather fully, you might have to dig around for a while to get to your items.

The above pic is my usual load out for rucking. I don’t use a water bladder as my rucks are still relatively short distance, but if you intend to do so, a 3L bladder should fit just fine in the pack.

In the ruck plate pocket, it is possible to still put notebooks or tablets in it, however if you are planning to put any A4 sized paper or files in that pocket, its just a tad small to squeeze in without crumpling your documents though.

This pic shows the ruck when empty, with a D ring for clipping your water bladder to suspend it in the pack, one of the newer improvements for this version. Here, you can also see the bottom of the ruck, which allows it to stand upright when full. Goruck has also done away with the grommet holes, or drainage holes from the previous versions.

As mentioned in the above pic, one of the latest improvements is that Goruck removed the grommet holes, or drainage holes from the pack. I personally love this change, as I couldn’t understand why the Bullet cannot be similar to its original brother the GR1 without any holes of sort, which would allow not just water to go out, but also go into the pack which defeats the purpose of its tough exterior protection against water.

This pic shows the front external deep pocket that can store quite a lot of loose items, like my keys, earpiece, cables and as shown in the next pic, my passport holder. Pardon the flash, in order to show the interior items.
My passport holder waiting to be fitted into the front pocket.

And lastly, one of the most awaited changes to this ruck has to be the top carry handle of the pack. Previous versions just have a thin and ordinary piece of fabric as the top handle, which doesn’t make sense as it puts the Bullet as the odd ball out with the only handle different from the rest of the Goruck rucksack lineups. Now, its finally in sync with the rest of its brothers!

The new Bullet handle, makes it so much comfortable to carry the pack and not fear that it will give way.
Shown here is the velcro hole which allows you to route your water bladder hose from within the pack to the outside.
The back view of the ruck. Unfortunately, they removed the handy rubber strip on both shoulder straps which will help to hold your water bladder hose in place from previous versions, but to be honest, it looks much cleaner and simpler a pack.

Overall, this version had all the changes needed to convince me to grab one last year, and no regrets using it as my daily grab and go bag!

I hope you gained something from this review, and if you are interested in purchasing one, Goruck has it on sale currently at USD $145. Made in America, and tough as hell a pack to serve your needs. The Goruck Bullet Ruck 10L.

Link here: https://www.goruck.com/bullet-ruck/


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